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Rules and Guidelines
Please make sure you read and understand the rules before posting or private messaging anywhere on the forums.

0 Basic Information:
First Offence:
When the member has never been warned for said offence and has not committed any offence within two months.
Second Offence:
When the member has repeated the offence after already having committed a first offence.
Repeat Offence:
When the member has repeated the offence after already having committed it at least twice.
History Offence:
When the member commits an offence for the first time, but has been warned for other offences.
Final Offence:
When a member commits an offence that causes his/her warn bar to increase over the full 5-warn limit.
Second Chance Offence:
When the member has already been suspended for a particular amount of time and commits an offence that causes his/her warn bar to increase over the full 5-warn limit.

How do I decrease my warn level?
Warns can be reduced over time. After any 2 months of completely warn-free behaviour, one warn can be removed upon member request in the Staff PM Box. This does not remove any warn history, so the punishments may still apply as repeat offences. You may ask at any time for a summary of your warn history and warn count.

What do I do if I see rule-breaking behaviour?
In any case where you see rule-breaking behaviour, report it immediately. The report button is located at the bottom of each post on the forum and above every individual PM message. Please report all incidents you find, even minor ones. You are welcome to try to explain to a member if they have done something against the rules, but it is more important that you report it so that a staff member can deal with the post or message appropriately.

1 Minor Offences:
First Offence: Verbal warning via PM.
Second Offence: Single warning added to warn count.
Repeat Offence: Double warning added to warn count.
History Offence: Single warning added to warn count.
Final Offence: 1 week suspension; warn count re-set to 3.
Second Chance Offence: Permanent ban.

1.1 Banner Size || There is no specific restriction on the size of your signature, but if your banner is considered too long or is stretching the board, you may be asked to change it.

1.2 Bumping Old Topics || If a topic hasn't been posted in for over a month, do not post in it unless given permission by a staff member. This does not apply to all sections, but only old announcements and old blog/projects/art/zoo threads unless you are providing an update to the topic.

1.3 Credits || If you are using content made by other artists to create your own work or you are importing a download from an external source, please remember to credit the original creators. Not doing this will result in your download or content being removed. Original creators have the right to report any member that is breaking this rule and using their material without consent or without giving proper credit. Please note that this is also true for imported models or skins.

1.4 Criticism || Criticism is not saying what you dislike about a project. Criticism should be both positive and helpful. To criticize, please provide images or some other reliable material demonstrating how you feel something could be improved. If any member wishes to have no criticism in their topic, they must state clearly in their first post and every update they make in that topic.

1.5 English || This is an English board. Do not speak in any other languages outside of the International section. Try to use correct English grammar, spelling and punctuation wherever possible. This could result in a warn if you are found continually using incomprehensible language, as it is considered spam.

1.6 Personal Information || It is advisable that you don't post personal information like phone numbers and email. This is the internet and you can't be sure who could be finding out about you. The Round Table will not be held responsible for any personal information you choose to share.

1.7 Personal Use Projects || While a project thread is your place to show design projects, if you're going to be showing something that is only for personal use please do not post it in your projects thread. You may show it to others privately or in Game Designing threads instead. This is out of courtesy for those that look forward to the release of projects.

1.8 Update Box || The Update Box was enabled to allow people with project threads to notify others about topics that they updated and to help prevent topics from getting ignored. Any post other than updates will be deleted.

1.9 RTZI Icon || The RTZI topic icon is only to be used for zoos and aquariums officially registered under the Round Table of Zoos, Incorporated. Any other topics, including general discussion topics and unregistered show and tells, must refrain from using this icon so as to keep its use relevant to the intended purpose.

2 Minor Posting Offences:
Second Offence: Single warning added to warn count. 3 day post ban.
Repeat Offence: Double warning added to warn count. 1 week post ban.
Other Offences: see Minor Offence.

2.1 Low-Level Spam || Do not post unnecessary or irrelevant posts. Try to stay on topic so as to prevent topics from being cluttered by unrelated posts.

2.1.1 Post Farming || Post farming is a form of spam. Do not make large numbers of posts unless each post is meaningful and well thought-out. Members suspected of posting only to increase post count or to gain pointies will be warned appropriately.

2.1.2 Double-Posting || In most cases, posting repeatedly in the same topic is spam. The only reason you should do this is if you have an update and there is no reply for at least 24 hours. Otherwise, use the edit button.

2.2 Pestering || Asking when a project will be released, demanding something or requesting projects is considered pestering. This is rude and will be dealt with appropriately.

3 Minor Personal Messaging Offences:
Second Offence: Single warning added to warn count. 3 day private messaging ban.
Repeat Offence: Double warning added to warn count. 1 week private messaging ban.
Other Offences: see Minor Offence.

3.1 Bribery || There should be no bribery or cheating of any sort. Members should not try to request or offer payment of any kind for personal privileges, whether it be contest votes or leaked downloads. If a member is trying to bribe you, report them.

3.2 General PMing ||: If any minor or minor posting rules are broken via the PM system, they may be reported and appropriate punishment will be given.

3.3 Pestering ||: Do not pester members with requests or questions. If a member is pestering you, report them and block them so that you do not receive personal messages from them.

3.3.1Pestering Staff ||: Do not send multiple PMs to the staff demanding them to complete your purchases or approve your topics. They will attend their tasks when they have the time to do so as they may have real life priorities at the time. Please be patient. Your requests or demands will be approved or take care of in due time.

4 Moderate Offences:
First Offence: Single warning added to warn count.
Second Offence: Single warning added to warn count.
Repeat Offence: Double warning added to warn count.
History Offence: Single warning added to warn count.
Final Offence: 2 week suspension; warn count re-set to 4.
Second Chance Offence: Permanent ban.

4.1 Respect || Refrain from negativity or rudeness towards any other member. Do not use offensive language or images. If a post contains language that could be taken offensively, please hide it in a spoiler with a warning. Disrespectful behaviour may result in a warning. If you have a problem with any member, please discuss it with the staff in the Staff PM Box or keep it to yourself.

4.1.1 Flaming || Flaming is not allowed anywhere on the board. If you are angry at someone, PM them and discuss it respectfully. Refrain from arguing to prevent the possibility of a flame war. If you are "false flaming", make sure that it is clear and that it is not taken offensively. Even if you mean it as a joke, it may be hurtful.

4.1.2 Provocation || Posting provocative or aggressive posts towards a specific group of people, attacking others people's beliefs or political stand points and constantly getting into fights will be considered flaming even if you don't mention anyone directly.

4.1.3 Undermining || Do not try to undermine others or put yourself in a position above them. The idea of a Round Table is that there is no head so everyone sits equally around it. All members should be treated equally and no one should try to ruin another member's reputation or put them down. Members should all try to be supportive of each other.

4.1.4 Obedience || Please obey the staff, even when you want to continue arguing. If a staff member asks you to stop an argument, do not continue. Staff members often do this as it can be an effective solution to begin solving a dispute or problem. While you might think it does good, posting an extra reply to a fight after being asked to stop only slows down the fixing process.

4.2 Inappropriate Content|| Posting indirectly inappropriate content anywhere publicly on the board is not allowed. This includes posts with vulgar meaning or connotations, and anything unsuitable for a 13-year-old.

4.3 Leaked Content || Do not use, request or promote leaked content anywhere on the site. If found knowingly using leaked content without the creator’s permission, you will be punished appropriately.

4.4 Vigilante || While it is fine to help members if they make a mistake, please do not take the law into your own hands. If a member is deliberately breaking rules, it is unlikely that you will be able to stop them on your own. Report their posts and wait patiently for a staff member. Fighting back or "feeding" a troll, especially if you break other rules in the process, will lead to a direct warning.

5 Major Offences:
First Offence: Double warning added to warn count.
Second Offence: Double warning. 1 month suspension.
Repeat Offence: Permanent ban.
History Offence: Triple warning added to warn count.
Final Offence: 1 month suspension; warn count re-set to 5.
Second Chance Offence: Permanent ban.

5.1 Adult-Only Content || Posting directly pornographic or adult-only content anywhere publicly on the board is not allowed. The board is available to members 13 years and older, so any content unsuitable for a person of 13 years of age should not be posted.

5.1.1 Avatars & Banners || Avatars and banners should never contain inappropriate or offensive content in the same way that anything posted or messaged via the forums should not.

5.2 Honesty || Be honest about who you are, what you believe and what you are interested in. Do not troll or lie in any way, whether it be as a joke or to make yourself look better. Members who are found to be trolls or behave dishonestly may be warned or banned.

5.2.1 Multiple Accounts || There is little reason to need two accounts. As well as your original account being warned, any duplicates will be removed - either by being banned or deleted.

5.2.2 Sharing Accounts || Unless you are sharing an account with a sibling, there is no reason to share your account with anyone. If it turns out a previously banned member has been using your account, you will be warned and asked to change your login information.

5.3 Leaking Content || Any project that has not been released to the public should be left alone. Please do not distribute direct links or content to people without permission from the creator. This will result in harsh punishment, even if the content hosted or distributed on another site.

5.3.1 Personal Use Downloads || You may use personal use downloads in S&Ts if they are given to you by the creators. Do not give other user's personal use downloads to anyone else unless they allow you to as it is considered leaking.

5.4 Plagiarism || Do not take anyone's work as your own or use their work without permission. Stealing anyone's art, writing, projects, or anything else, will result in harsh punishment, even if done on another site.

6 Severe Offences:
First Offence: Permanent ban.

6.1 Shock Spam || In the case that the site is shock spammed with inappropriate or irrelevant content by a troll account (that is, an account only used for this purpose), staff will take action to permanently ban the account responsible.

6.2 Death Threats || In the case that you may be sending extremely hurtful messages, such as death threats, to another member of the community, staff will immediately take action to ban your account without any prior warning.

6.3 Banned Members || If a banned member is found with a new account on the site, the staff have every right to ban this new account. Banned members have no right to return to the forums.

Finally, please remember that there is a difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. Do not try to test boundaries or behave in a way that is unnecessary even if it is not specifically mentioned in the rules above. While you should try to obey the literal meanings of the rules that we have given you, it is more important that you understand what is intended by these rules and the attitude we wish to create.

~TRT Staff~

Rules and Guidelines may be changed in the future.