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Verdant Gregor
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We're baaaaaaack!
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Cretaceous Calamity
Mysterious Map Marvels' original expansion pack, Cretaceous Calamity was due to be one of the most ambitious projects started by any designers at the time and promised many revolutions in the Zoo Tycoon 2 designing community. The release of Cretaceous Calamity had been highly anticipated among the Zoo Tycoon 2 fan base before its eventual shutdown. To the dismay of many, it seemed that Cretaceous Calamity had long been lost to the depths of time and that it was long forgotten. Now, once more ambition and revolution shall become the forefront of Zoo Tycoon 2 modding - Cretaceous Calamity is back and so are we!

The Cretaceous Calamity Holiday pack!
Today alongside our announcement, we present a special Holiday gift to the Community! A teaser for Cretaceous Calamity that not only holds some secrets - but also honors our past reveals!

This Teaser shall set the tone for our vision and promises a revolution in ZT2 modding. For starters, how about an extra-large map? We hope you enjoy our Christmas gifts!

The Contents!

  • Albertosaurus
  • Temperate Rainforest Biome (with 5 new plants and 3 rocks)
  • Extra Large Grassland Map
  • 3 Temperate Rainforest Maps (check under 'Tropical Rainforest')
  • Giant Sequoia Reskin and Update
  • Sequoia Tunnel Reskin and Update
  • Special Christmas-Themed Easter Egg

New Features!

  • All-New Extra Large Map Size!
  • First-ever Custom Script (for Easter Egg)!
  • First animal to form persistant social groups!
  • Albertosaurus cloned as egg rather than young!
  • Various advanced AI features for Albertosaurus!
  • New theropod animations!
  • New globe locations!

The Download

Download Link
Mirror Link

Who We Are
Marvels 3volved is a team of talented designers, dedicated to creating custom expansion packs for Zoo Tycoon 2. The team provides a revolutionary gaming experience, pushing the limits of content creation with the first new animations, extra large maps, and custom scripts, among other things.

The team's first expansion, Cretaceous Calamity, is a new take on the famed expansion of years past. It aims to represent a large variety of prehistoric creatures from the Cretaceous period, portrayed in an accurate, realistic manner. Additionally, the expansion introduces an array of revolutionary new features.

Marvels 3volved is a continuation of the original team, the Mysterious Map Marvels, creators of the first user-made maps and the first complete remake of an official animal. It currently consists of the following members:

  • BioHazard
  • Bl3nd3r
  • Brach
  • Doc Shadman
  • Fauna
  • Harlequinz eg0
  • Incinerox
  • JVM
  • Piopio
  • Royboy
  • Trexroarr
  • TyrantTR
  • Ultimaterex2
  • Verdant Gregor
  • Zooa Akai

Holiday Pack Screenshots

Enjoy the wide open locations...
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New environments...
Posted Image

With mighty trees...
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And a hungry beast.
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