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Topic Started: Nov 9 2014, 04:52 PM (4,270 Views)
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Since its beginning, RTZI has worked tirelessly for the conservation of wildlife. The management team feels it is time for its members to gain more knowledge about the husbandry of endangered species from all around the wold. Your challenge is to go in the wild and document the behaviors of an animal species from the Endangered Species expansion pack. With these informations, you will create your own zoologist log. To do so, you will have to :

  • (1) show us the species you choose in its natural habitat, using downloads (original content or user-made) matching the biome and region of the world where the animal comes from ;
  • (2) take pictures of the species in its natural habitat ;
  • (3) document in pictures some specific behaviors, including feeding behavior, interactions between an adult and its youngster(s), interspecies social behaviors ;
  • (4) bring back to the RTZI management team some basic informations about how we could house the species in captivity by filling this form sheet :

Endangered Species's captive husbandry:
[b]Name of the species:[/b]
[b]IUCN conservation status:[/b]
[b]Social needs (solitary, in pair, herd or group, etc.):[/b]
[b]Size of the exhibit and landscape:[/b]
[b]Indoor vs outdoor (depending on the climate of the zoo:[/b]

First challenge rules:

  • Respect the General rules of the RTZI CAMPAIGN available here ;
  • To participate, you must inform us of the animal you have chosen by posting in this thread.
  • The entry must include a minimum of 10 pictures and there is no maximum.
  • You must use one species coming from the Endangered Species expansion pack (remakes of animals is allowed).
  • The pictures must show the species in its natural habitat matching the region of the world where it comes from.
  • You must have at least one picture of the feeding behaviors of the species, its adult-youngster interractions and its interspecies social behaviors.
  • Some simple editing (adding border, logo, brightness ) of the pictures is allowed, entries that look overeditted will be disqualified.
  • You must fill in the Endangered Species's captive husbandry's form sheet.
  • Entries must be submitted in your own RTZI Press Room topic. You must post a link here and it should be named 'RTZI CAMPAIGN - FIRST CHALLENGE - title of your entry'.


  • Each contestant who completed this challenge and got it approved by a RTZI manager will receive a pair of Critically Endangered species of its choice.

The next challenge will be unlocked as soon as a contestant finishes this one. A RTZI manager must approve your first entry to let you go on.


Contestant - Species

  • Diabloceratops - Giant Sable Antelope.
  • AVCDPS - Koala.
  • Ignacio - Orangutan.
  • Fireplume - African Wild Dog.
  • Kohana - Caribou.
  • BBBurns - Javan Rhinoceros.
  • Meerkatmatt2 - Spanish Lynx.
  • Dacentru - Komodo Dragon.
  • fridooh - Grey Wolf.
  • izzibob - Wolverine.
  • Uolym - Spectacled Bear.
  • Robbie - Markhor.
  • Knertje2208 - Fennec Fox.
  • Dinosaure99 - Crested Gibbon.
  • Drax - American Bison.
  • Umpaloompa - Scimitar-horned Oryx.
  • Anas platyrhynchos - Florida Panther ;
  • Michael - Baird's Tapir.

Have unlocked Challenge #2 - Prize -Congrats!! :
Kohana - Giant Sable Antelope ;
Dinosaure99 - Spix's Macaw ;
Knertje2208 - ;
fridooh - Sumatran Tiger ;
BBBurns - Sumatran Elephant ;
Diabloceratops - Giant Sable Antelope ;
izzibob - Scimitar-horned Oryx ;
Umpaloompa - Scimitar-horned Oryx ;
Uolym - South China Tiger ;
AVCDPS - Mountain Gorilla ;
Ignacio - Sumatran Elephant ;
Anas platyrhynchos - Orinoco Crocodile ;
Michael - Snow Leopard.
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Species you may use for this challenge are the :

African Wild Dog
American Bison
Baird's Tapir
Crested Gibbon
Fennec Fox
Florida Panther
Giant Sable Antelope
Gray Wolf
Galápagos Giant Tortoise
Javan Rhinoceros
Komodo Dragon
Przewalski’s Wild Horse
Scimitar-horned Oryx
Spanish Lynx
Spectacled Bear
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I'll do the giant sable antelope.( yes I have returned and I will soon return with something bigger for the RTZI.)

Congrats on being the first contestant and good luck! :)
Edited by Uolym, Nov 9 2014, 05:39 PM.
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Posted Image Guat
No Avatar

I'll do the Koala.

Added. Good luck!
Edited by Uolym, Nov 9 2014, 06:43 PM.
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Ex Corrupt Staff

I'll work on the orangutan :)

Added. Good luck!
Edited by Uolym, Nov 9 2014, 06:42 PM.
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Snok Snok Snerson

I'll take on the African Wild Dog, please :)

Added. Good luck!
Edited by Uolym, Nov 9 2014, 09:03 PM.
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Posted Image Azrael
Member Avatar

I'd like to do the Caribou if possible, please :P

A RTZI manager... Let me think about it... :roll:

Of course, my friend! Caribou it is, and good luck! ;)
Edited by Uolym, Nov 9 2014, 11:07 PM.
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King of Lemurs

Javan Rhino please.

Welcome to the challenge and good luck!
Edited by Uolym, Nov 9 2014, 11:33 PM.
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Member Avatar

can I do a polar bear? :D
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Member Avatar

Unfortunately, no. The only animals allowed for this challenge must come from the Endangered Species expansion... but Polar bear will come later... If you do this challenge first. Just saying. ;)
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Member Avatar

Could I please do the Spanish lynx, also can we have other animals native to the area appear along side the lynx?
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Posted Image Dacentru
Member Avatar

I'd like the Komodo Dragon please. :)
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Member Avatar

I would like to do a Spanish Lynx :D
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Member Avatar

Both of you are added! Good luck!

@Meerkatmmatt2 : Yes, it is allowed and they don't have to come from the original game and its expansions. Only the focus species of your 1st challenge have to come from EA. However, remember to focus on the Spanish Lynx since its the species you chosed. :)

There is no obligation for each of you to take a different animal. So far, every contestant did it and it makes the challenge more interesting, but let's say you ABSOLUTELY want to do your 1st challenge about one EZ species and it has been taken already, you can still use it. ;)
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Oh I didn't see that Meerkatmatt2 chose the lynx already!
I can change to the puma then :)
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