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General Zoo News
Topic Started: Jan 11 2016, 06:24 AM (10,392 Views)
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Quail Conqueror.

All news items regarding zoos can be posted here. :)
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Quite old one, but on last September a manatee calf was born at Genoa, first one ever in Italy and fifth (IIRC) in Europe.
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Posted Image

Zoos Victoria Website
Jan 8 - 2016
Zoo visitors today were among the first people in the world to ever see an elusive, tiny, and critically endangered Baw Baw Frog.

Three are now on view in a new custom-designed display in the Zoo’s World of Frogs, so visitors can see a species which Zoo experts are aiming to save from extinction.

Zoo Director Kevin Tanner says that Zoos Victoria has worked with conservation partners to identify Victorian species which will become extinct without conservation assistance.

‘Victoria’s endemic Baw Baw Frogs are one of the 20 Zoos Victoria Fighting Extinction species. Our expert Keepers have undertaken extensive field work in coooperation with colleagues at Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, the Baw Baw Shire Council, and the Mt. Baw Baw Ski Resort.

‘Since 2011 the team has collected 14 egg masses, brought them back to the Zoo, and hatched them out in the specially-built Baw Baw Bunker, which is under quarantine to protect the eggs, tadpoles, and frogs from any possible infections.

‘So bringing these frogs out on view is a major milestone, making it possible for us to share this exciting conservation initiative with Zoo visitors,’ Kevin explains.

Keeper Damian Goodall has designed and built this display for the Baw Baw frogs to allow for their specific behaviours and requirements. As an Alpine species, Baw Baw Frogs need a temperature range of between 10 and 15 degrees, and because burrowing is one of their distinctive behaviours, Damian has built a burrow for them in the new display.

The three frogs moving into the display tomorrow are 22 months old and between 20 and 25mm long. They hatched out from the first egg mass collected, in November 2013.

As they are so young, Keepers can’t tell their sex. They will reach breeding age in about another three years.

Baw Baw Frogs lay their eggs in November, and they hatch after three or four weeks. They are tadpoles for eight to ten weeks before they metamorphose into juvenile frogs.

The current Baw Baw Frog population at the Zoo is: approximately 250 tadpoles, 123 juvenile frogs, and 11 adults (all males).

Kevin Tanner says, ‘We hope that being able to see these rare creatures will inspire our visitors to act on their behalf.’

Adopting Baw Baw Frogs will help fund the work to protect them and the other 19 Fighting Extinction species, and adoptions can be arranged by calling (03) 9340 2759 or emailing wild@zoo.org.au
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Good thing to show visitors those endanngered frogs. I'm glad that the zoos are more and more breeding endangered but unpopular species like amphibians.

Some news in German zoos from the last weeks:

In Duisburg were born two botttlenose dolphin calves during the holidays (22nd Decmeber and 24th December). While the little male born on the 22nd of December 2015 didn't survive the first two weeks, the younger calf, a female, is still living and healthy (so far).

In Berlin Tierpark and Hagenbeck's Tierpark Hamburg were born two male Asiatic elephant calves.
In Berlin the female "Kewa" has given birth to her child in the presence of her two older daughters (3 and 7 years old) during the New Year's Eve.
Like in Berlin, the birth in Hamburg happened in the presence of the family group. The little bull was born on the 11th of January, he's Hagenbeck's first elephant calf in the third generation because his mother was already born in Hamburg in 2003.
Edited by Jony, Jan 13 2016, 12:47 PM.
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Zoo Tycooner FR
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A sad One :( :

Miami Zoo
Jan 13 - 2016
It is with great sadness that Zoo Miami announces the passing of “Patty,” the Matchie’s tree kangaroo on Wednesday, January 13, 2016. At over 27 years old, Patty was the longest living Matchie’s tree kangaroo in recorded history, a record that was celebrated this past October. Unfortunately, her extremely advanced age had begun to take its toll on her and she recently began to lose her appetite as well as significant weight. She had developed severe gastro-intestinal issues and her mobility had become increasingly difficult. Though the veterinary team was able to prolong her good quality of life with a variety of special treatments and medications, her health recently continued to decline to a point where none of those treatments were working any longer and the difficult decision was made to euthanize her today.
Patty was born at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina on August 3, 1988 and arrived one year later to Zoo Miami where she has thrived for more than 26 years. During that time, she had successfully given birth to four offspring which have moved on to other institutions to make significant contributions to the captive breeding programs of this endangered species.
Patty also received significant notoriety as an artist over the last several years when she created a number of paintings that have been featured in a variety of art shows and are part of international private collections. Because of a tree kangaroo’s dexterity, Patty was able to actually hold a paint brush in her paw which allowed her to paint in a manner very similar to humans.
Matchie’s tree kangaroos live at high elevations in the Huon Peninsula of Papua New Guinea where they spend most of their time up in trees feeding on a variety of leaves, ferns, moss, and bark. They are believed to be solitary animals and the only strong social bond is between a mother and her offspring.
Patty made a significant impact on educating the public about the beauty and wonder of these amazing animals while directly contributing to their endangered population by producing four very important offspring. Though she will be terribly missed, the staff and volunteers at Zoo Miami are proud to have provided her with the type of environment that enabled her to live a record breaking long life.
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King Casque
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Just some recent news from my local zoos

Poonya, a Red Panda from the River Safari in Singapore, has recently passed. She was suffering from a gut infection and despite round the clock intensive care she did not make it. She passed on the 13th of January, at 1am (UTC +8:00) at the age of 5 years old.

Ah Meng, the world's famous Orang Utan and Singapore's beloved icon, will soon be revived in the form of a successor from among her 6 descendants. The exact identity of the new "Ah Meng" will be revealed at the annual Safari Zoo Run, which started in honour of her death, on February 27 and 28.

And from last year

Wildlife Reserves Singapore has received a major baby boom, with more than 700 new animals being born or hatched across 4 of it's zoological parks. Among the more popular zooborns include Putra, a Sumatran Orangutan and the most recent descendant of the late Ah Meng, a baby Southern White Rhinoceros named Vita and a baby giraffe - the first in over 28 years - nicknamed Baby G. Other zooborns include Spotted Hyenas, a Pygmy Hippopotamus named Ayana, 3 new meerkat pups, a pair of Black Hornbills, 3 litters of Emperor Tamarins, a female Indian Crested Porcupine, a pair of Golden Conures, Oriental Chinese Newts, a Black-and-White Colobus Monkey and Willy a Western Indian Manatee. More than 1/3 of the animals born are indigenious to the South East Asian region, and 40 of the recent zooborns are listed on the IUCN threatened animal list.
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Kansas City Zoo will be missing a valuable family member.
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Imperator Furiosa
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Chaos Theory

Some news from the National Zoo
-On January 7th Red Pandas were brought back to the zoo after a hiatus for habitat renovations. They'll be on exhibit at the Small Mammal House until the habitat renovations are completed.
-On January 12th Giant Panda cub Bei Bei made his public debut. He is the third surviving cub of Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, and the younger brother of two year old female Bao Bao.
-On February 2nd a 16 year old Przewalski's Horse named Frog died unexpectedly at the zoo's Front Royale conservation center. Frog was under anesthesia for a medical procedure when he went into cardiac arrest. He was considered the most genetically valuable male Przewalski's Horse in the United States and had fathered four surviving foals.
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I'm a little late to report it but Brookfield Zoo had a seal pup birth January 2nd and should be avalible to the public any day now. Here's a picture for those interested;
Posted Image
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An exciting news from Germany:
The German Zoo Leipzig is currently the only zoo with pangolins in Europe. To be precised they are holding the Formosa pangolin, a critically endangered subspecies of the Chinese pangolin. Altough they keep a pair since 2007/2009 they have never had offsprings.
Now the zoo informs that they will receive two more Formosa pangolins from Taipei Zoo later this year. The plan is still to breed this species to establish a captive population and the two new pangolins should help to have breeding successes this time.
Edited by Jony, Feb 19 2016, 01:53 PM.
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In three Hungarian zoos:
I late a little bit but here is a picture from Budapest zoo this new mammals arrived to Budapest zoo in 2015
Several animals also born in 2015:
the most interesting ones: Mhor gazelles,Javan langurs, African forest buffalo, Rothschild's giraffes, Woylies, Grant's zebra, Northern bald ibis, Red-fronted macaw, African penguin, Gundi, Eyelash viper , Scarlet ibis, Nicobar pigeons.

and the most suprising ones were them:

Viola the second tasmanian womabt which was born in Budapestzoo grow up :)

In 2016 Two two-toed sloth born and Crested geckos arrive.

In Nyíregyháza zoo
In 2015:
The Victoria house opened :)
173 animals born in Nyíregyháza zoo:
The most interesting ones: 1 african elephant bull, 1 pygmy hippo male, emperor tamarins, two siberian tigers, reindeers, one sitatunga, one giant anteater, one bartican camel, one common tapir, and one harbour seal, one collared brown lemur, one bolivian squriel monkey
Video about some of the newborns :)

And here is video how the harbour seal born:

And this new animals arrived in 2015:
Emperor tamarins, naked mole rats, two missisipi aligators, two white lions, one white tiger, one Andean condor, two sumatrian tiger/ this is the fourth tiger subspecies in this zoo/,Kinkajous arrive, scarlet ibises, and spider monkeys.

In 2016: Bornean river turtle arrived and a lar gibbon born.

Szeged zoo
In 2016: Spotted hyenas and, a black jaguar born.

Edited by Rudyn, Feb 27 2016, 02:05 PM.
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King of Lemurs

Denver Zoo just recieved a male black rhino from the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Denver Zoo welcomed a 22-year-old, male, black rhinoceros, named Rudy, from Oklahoma City Zoo on Tuesday, February 23. Short for Rudisha (Rew-DEE-shah), Rudy will reside in the Zoo’s pachyderm building, which will be closed temporarily while Rudy becomes accustomed to his new surroundings and clears a mandatory quarantine period (photo credit: Lena Kofoed)

Posted Image
Edited by Burns, Feb 27 2016, 12:56 PM.
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The two male Asiatic lions from Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park Zoo will leave the zoo to live in European zoos again. They were born in Europe (2010 in Magdeburg, Germany).
The European Endangered Species Program (EEP) has recommended the transfers to London and Chessington where female Asiatic lions live but no males.

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/asiatic-lions-assiniboine-park-winnipeg-zoo-1.3455329
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Posted Image Guat
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The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA has announced one of its largest expansion projects in its history by adding the Pacific Visions Wing which is scheduled to be opened to the public by 2018. Not just will there be 6,000 square feet added for animal exhibits but a 130 foot long theater will also be built to replace the aquarium's current theater. Besides this the Pacific Visions Wing will also hold an art gallery and more room for cultural events.

Sources: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-long-beach-aquarium-expansion-20160322-story.html and http://www.aquariumofpacific.org/news/pacificvisions/
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Henry Vilas Zoo News; (My small local zoo.)

3/17/16 New Emperor Tamarins are on exhibit!

Two Emperor Tamarins join Henry Vilas Zoo's collection, these two are the newest animal to join the zoo since the Arctic Passage! (The Arctic Passage Houses Polar Bears, Harbor Seals, and Grizzly Bears.)

Source: Article and Henry Vilas Zoo Website

Posted Image

San Diego Zoo and Safari Park News;

You may not have heard, but on 1/28/16 three rare Sumatran Tiger Cubs - One Male Two Female - were born at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Source: News Post on Website

Posted Image

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