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Shoot a firework rocket!
Topic Started: Dec 30 2017, 11:13 AM (10,402 Views)
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King of Cotingas

Posted Image

How to Play
I'm fairly sure you're all familiar with the concept! Pick a firework rocket for you and/or a friend, and as soon as all 35 are picked they will be fired! Each rocket will reveal a gift. We will hopefully be doing at least two rounds of this game, but as time has told us these spots get filled quickly!

- Only one present per person.
- You can choose one for a friend if you like.
- First come, first serve. The first post won't always be updated right away, so make sure someone else didn't already ask for the number you chose.

Round 1:

Shoot a firework: Round 1
1. Anton2. DiegoThePython3. Stephen4. Orca Freak5. Tyranachu6. Ztlabraptor2117. Thom
8. Ignacio9. Lgcfm10. Papageno11. ImperatorFuriosa12. Priya13. Zoo Tycooner FR14. Burns
15. Scar16. Jules17. magpiealamode18. Guilmon19. Arrancon20. UraniumThylacine21. Cross
22. Danny23. Furka24. Scott25. Denomon314426. Dylan27. Okeanos28. EsserWarrior
29. RGDS30. Azrael31. Paleodude32. Fireplume33. stargatedalek34. Yi Qi35. velociraptor

The new grid is up!

Round 2:

Shoot a firework: Round 2
1. Cross2. Ztlabraptor2113. AnimalGenius4. Denomon31445. caviar6. Jules7. Sergio
8. Wes9. Azrael10. Anas Platyrhynchos11. Anton12. Orca Freak13. cassynatorium14. EsserWarrior
15. cougarfan1216. Kevin17. Zhadow18. Ádám319. magpiealamode20. Zoo Tycooner FR21. Guilmon
22. Burns23. Priya24. Acinonyx Jubatus25. pokeruto26. velociraptor27. Deerfad28. Dinosaure99
29. Thom30. tknoff8731. ImperatorFuriosa32. Fireplume33. TheYeti34. Lgcfm35. DiegoThePython

The new grid is up! As usual, if you took part in rounds #1 or #2, you will have to wait 24 hours before you can claim a firework.

Round 3:

Shoot a firework: Round 3
1. Sheather2. pokeruto3. Glittering4. Denomon31445. TheToastinator6. Orca Freak7. tknoff87
8. Wes9. Anas Platyrhynchos10. Acinonyx Jubatus11. Lelka12. Cross13. Thom14. velociraptor
15. AnimalGenius & Tyranachu16. Keniafan17. magpiealamode18. Xenephos19. Scott20. ZoologicalBotanist21. DwarfBomb
22. Anton23. Kevin24. DiegoThePython25. Dacentru26. Guilmon27. DRAGON-unit91128. Dinosaure99
29. Azrael30. cassynatorium31. Viggen32. Ignacio33. Sergio34. Burns35. caviar

Since the game's been pretty well received before, there will be a fourth round - except this time, the amount of places will not be limited! Anyone can enter regardless of whether they entered the previous rounds or not, and you will just have to make a post in this topic saying you want a firework to get one. In this edition, everyone without exception will get a silhouette.

Gifts will be revealed on Candlemas, so on the 2nd of February. Good luck to all of you!
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Member Avatar

I'll take one too, please. :D
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Posted Image Xenephos
Member Avatar
ᴀ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴏʙsᴇssᴇᴅ

I'll take a firework!
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Member Avatar
Lover of the Legless

I'll give it a try, sign me up for a firework please.
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Member Avatar

i will take one please :dino:
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Cheshire Litten
Member Avatar
The Eyes that follow you in the Alolan forests

I'll take one if there is one left!
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Member Avatar

I would like to go again, the last round was so much fun!
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BossMan, Jake
Member Avatar
Son of God

I'll take one as well
Lets see what happens
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Member Avatar
"The madman of the woods"

Great, take one to see what happens :)
Will luck be on my side?
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Member Avatar
Starting designer

I also want to take one please
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No Avatar

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No Avatar

Wow I too need a firework
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Member Avatar
Mihi est imperare orbi universo

All the fireworks have been shot and without further ado, here are the winners! Congratulations to everyone!

Gold coin (x3)
-Acinonyx Jubatus

Silver coin (x10)

Ethiopian wolf (x2)
-Cheshire Litten

Mountain gorilla (x2)
-BossMan, Jake

Manta ray (x2)

Dimetrodon (x3)
-Zoo Tycooner FR
-Orca Freak

Parasaurolophus (x3)

Utahraptor (x3)

Bush-antlered deer (x3)

Addax (x3)

Asian elephant (x3)

Black rhinoceros (x3)

Eastern bongo (x3)

Emperor penguin (x3)

Okapi (x3)

Siberian tiger (x3)

Goblin shark (x3)
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Posted Image Xenephos
Member Avatar
ᴀ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴏʙsᴇssᴇᴅ

Ooh yay! Utahraptor! This will make a fine addition to my floofasaurus collection c:
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Acinonyx Jubatus
Member Avatar


Oh wow. Thanks! I suppose I have to think of something epic for my pointyzoo, then.
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Member Avatar

I did not got but my Brother Priya got D: D:
Edited by Scar, Feb 3 2018, 02:13 AM.
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