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What Pets Have You Owned?
Topic Started: Jun 4 2018, 04:24 PM (291 Views)
Posted Image Flish
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also I have had dogs but those aren't really mine soooooooooo
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No good hero is a one-trick phony.

Cats. And some tadpoles once.
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Posted Image Viggen
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That's a really long list, wow. I've had a couple of goldfish and a leopard gecko.
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I'm not slow! That's just my moe!

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And if animals owned by family are getting shout-outs, gotta put in a word for the ex's Eyelash Viper.
Edited by stargatedalek, Jun 4 2018, 07:45 PM.
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A piece of toast and a terminator.

I've had a few cats, a couple dogs, a leopard gecko, and a variety of fish.
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Posted Image Azrael
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Cocker Spaniel

:) Only one at a time, though. But those are the four pets I'd had personally.
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Lover of the Legless

My pets:
Jungle Carpet Python (Morelia spilota cheynei)
Diamond Python (Morelia spilota spilota)
Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli)
Inland Carpet Python (Morelia spilota metcalfei)
Northwestern Carpet Python (Morelia spilota variegata)
Irian Jaya Carpet Python (Morelia spilota harrisoni*)
Centralian Python (Morelia bredli)
Green Python (Morelia viridis)
Scrub Python (Morelia amethistina)
Moluccan Python (Morelia clastolepis)
Tanimbar Python (Morelia nauta)
Boelen's Python (Morelia boeleni)
Rough-scale Python (Morelia carinata)
Stimson's Python (Antaresia stimsoni)
Spotted Python (Antaresia maculosa)
Pygmy Python (Antaresia perthensis)
Black-headed Python (Aspidites melanocephalus)
Woma (Aspidites ramsayi)
Olive Python (Liasis olivaceus)
Timor Python (Python timoriensis)
Indian Python (Python molurus)
Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus)

Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus caninus)
Amazon Tree Boa (Corallus hortulanus)
Red-tailed Boa Constrictor (Boa constrictor constrictor)
Argentine Boa Constrictor (Boa constrictor occidentalis)

Crocodile Monitor (Varanus salvadorii)
Argus Monitor (Varanus panoptes)
Pilbara Rock Monitor (Varanus pilbarensis)
Blue-tongued Skink (Tiliqua scincoides)
Central Knob-tailed Gecko (Nephrurus amyae)

Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina)
Alligator Snapping Turtle (Macrochelys temminckii)

Wife's pets:
Hedgehog (Atelerix algirus)
Sugar Glider (Petaurus breviceps)

Animals we both take care of:
A stupid, but cute, French Bulldog

Now, time to go clean enclosures.... :(
Edited by HarryD28, Jun 5 2018, 02:04 PM.
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Varanus komodoensis


  • Masked Lovebird
  • Cockatiel (Lutino)
  • Budgerigar

Shared with family (in other house):

  • Beagle
  • Chickens


  • Fischer's Lovebird
  • Canary
  • Monk Parakeet
  • Red-Eared Slider
  • African Clawed Frog
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Orca Freak
Member Avatar
Killer Whales rule the World

A Shiba Inu
5 cats
2 chickens and a rooster
A large pond with goldfish and green frogs
A tropical fishtank with around a dozen fish and 1 tiny shrimp

In the past:
A Briard
A Bernese Mountain Dog
Numerous cats
Numerous chickens and roosters
Numerous fish (both indoor and outdoor)
Numerous frogs
Numerous rabbits
2 quails
2 budgies
2 canary birds
2 diamond doves
and 1 donkey
Edited by Orca Freak, Jun 6 2018, 01:00 PM.
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Member Avatar

2 male brother chinchillas (pink white and heterozygous beige colours) named Kuzco and Kronk
1 male winter white dwarf hamster called peppy (standard colour)
1 male roborovski dwarf hamster called fernando adopted from a rescue (standard colour)
1 female chinese hamster called princess (mottled dominant spot colour)

labrador retriever called Kim died 14 (r.i.p)
French Maltese called boboule died 16 (r.i.p)
one Cat called Grisoux (after the french name for the deadly coal mine gas as he was found near one and I adopted him) he just disappeared one day...
Timmy & inky the chinese hamsters died past 3 , snowdrop and lola the winter white hamsters, and several groups of roborovski hamster which I either had to seperate due to fights or even been killed and eaten by others in the group (supposed to be the most social hamster...)
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Thank you for the set, Azrael!

fancy rat
fancy mouse
syrian hamster

spice finch
society/Bengalese finch
Java sparrow
Zebra finch
pintail whydah
silverbill finch
Gouldian finch
cutthroat finch
orange-cheek waxbill finch
ringneck dove
diamond dove
pacific parrotlet

mourning gecko
eastern garter snake
red-eared slider
eastern painted turtle

tiger salamander
firebellied toad
leopard frog
common toad
hoping to get dart frogs soon

freshwater angelfish
neon tetra
blackskirt tetra
odessa barb
tiger barb
cherry barb
zebra danio
threespot gourami
firemouth cichlid
bolivian ram cichlid
green sunfish
dojo loach
bullhead catfish
pictus catfish
checker barb
upsidedown catfish
featherfin synodontis
african butterflyfish
white cloud minnow
endler's livebearer
fathead minnow
paradise gourami
common plecostomus
bristlenose plecostomus

red cherry shrimp
native crayfish
zebra nerite snail
mystery snail
pond snail
trapdoor snail
amano shrimp
temperate white springtail
dwarf white isopod
Armadillium isopod
bumblebee millipede
scarlet millipede
chinese preying mantis
field cricket
unidentified grasshopper in kindergarten
Edited by Sheather, Jun 9 2018, 05:09 PM.
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Sneaker Connoisseur


2 Cats
A Dog
A Quarter Horse
A Thoroughbred


A Cat
A Dog
A Thoroughbred
A Chinese Water Dragon
A Beta Fish
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A cain terrer
Some gold fish
(Former) betta fish
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Posted Image Viggen
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How do you guys even remember these massive lists of pets?
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Snok Snok Snerson

... what responsible pet owner doesn't remember the list of living creatures they've owned/own now?

My list:
- Canis lupus familiaris (Miniature Australian Shepherd)
- Felis catus (American Shorthair)
- Stigmochelys pardalis (Leopard Tortoise)

- Eublepharis macularius (Leopard Gecko)
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